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    • Canal Environment Framework Tool (CEFT)

      Help is on hand for managers, planners and developers involved in the process of regeneration.

    • Completed Projects

    • Maryhill Burgh Halls

      The 133 year old buildings have undergone an over £9 million restoration project, which will breathe new life into the iconic Halls.

    • Maryhill Town Centre

      The Maryhill Town Centre Action Plan will bring about huge change to the heart of Maryhill. Find out how the plan will integrate the canal with the residential, civic and retail areas of the community.

    • New Canal Basin

      Work boats can now travel past Speirs Wharf for the first time in over 40 years!

    • New Mooring Strategy

      The new moorings strategy has a direct focus on encouraging people to live and work on the canal as well as developing the tourist and leisure offering.

    • Phoenix Flowers

      Or maybe you know them as 'The Metal Petals'? Find out more about the 50 giant aluminium flowers that have transformed the link between the city centre and Glasgow's Canal.

    • Port Dundas Vision

      Port Dundas has the potential to create a new, exciting city quarter, attracting people and investment to the area.

    • Speirs Locks Masterplan

      The vision for Speirs Locks was: 'Cultivating the vibe of a cultural quarter through high profile arts and public realm initiatives'. Find out how the reality is fast exceeding this vision...

    • Urban Etive

      An exciting artifical, whitewater course which will be developed beside the canal at Maryhill Locks.

    • Wayfinding Avenue of the Arts

      An opportunity to raise the profile of Renfrew Street and Speirs Locks as lively, flourishing arts destinations.

    • Whisky Bond

      The Whisky Bond is being transformed into a creative factory for Glasgow, a nerve centre providing a home to artists, a place for like minded entrepreneurs to run a business, and an accessible venue and gallery for a wide audience to enjoy.