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The Maryhill Bigman

  • Bigman Bridge
    Footbridge at Stockingfield Junction
    Aerial view of the bridge
    Illuminated at night
    Appearing to lift the bridge from the banks of the canal
    Representational of historic ironworks & boat building industries
    Linking communities to the canal

    We commissioned local artist Andy Scott to design a new bridge for Stockingfield Junction. The Bigman is a sculpted steel feature that will appear to lift the bridge up from the banks of the canal. Illuminated at night, the statue will be a striking landmark, embodying the spirit and resilience of Maryhill and the city.

    The project has been developed in response to the recognised need for a crossing and improved environmental design around the Stockingfield Junction of the Forth & Clyde Canal. During this period, the project team has developed several original concepts into the current preferred option. Read some of the more technical aspects of the project in this briefing note from Halcrow.

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    This £4.5M landmark footbridge will incorporate a major piece of public artwork from local artist/sculptor Andy Scott.  All aspects of the structural engineering have been undertaken by Glasgow based civil engineering firm, Halcrow.

    The sculpture will appear to lift the bridge and support the central "hub" above the canal.  It has been calculated that to perform this function adequately the Bigman will have to stand around 30 metres tall from water level.  The sculpture will therefore become a very prominent and striking feature on the skyline, as well as performing the engineering role required of him.

    The project is currently under review by the Canal Partnership.

    Bigman Festival

    Bigman Festival

    A celebration of Glasgow, its canal and its people. The name was devised from the proposal to build the "Bigman Bridge" as "big man" is a term closely associated with Glasgow.

    Find out more...

    "The rationale behind the Bigman was for a utilitarian colossus, a functional artwork of monumental scale which celebrated the proud history of Maryhill and Glasgow... Although steeped in the tradition of craftsmanship and dexterity he would have an aura of sleek modernity... His scale would create a stunning addition to the city's cultural landscape, towering above the canal and the north west area of the city..."

    Andy Scott, Designer (opens in new window)

    Be inspired - read The BIGMAN Bridge - the artist's vision. (PDF opens in new window)

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