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    Since opening in 2010, The Glue Factory has rapidly emerged as one of the most open and exciting creative venues in Glasgow.

    Once it was a glue factory. Now it is The Glue Factory, playing host to exhibitions by the Glasgow School of Art,Glasgow International, The Mutual and others.

    The Glue Factory is managed by an independent Community Interest Company. An innovative approach to event programming has been adopted, one that takes into account current trends in event culture and the demands of Glasgow's creative practitioners and audiences. Of course, it takes full advantage of The Glue Factory's unique and versatile arrangement of spaces.

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    Gallery 37

    Gallery 37

    At the Glue Factory, Gallery 37 set out to inspire young people to develop confidence, citizenship and entrepreneurial skills...

    Whisky Bond

    Whisky Bond

    A former Whisky Bond is being transformed into a creative factory for Glasgow...

    "That night...

    That night there's an art show at the Glue Factory, an abandoned building sporadically taken over by art students and the place to be seen. People drift through the space, inspecting the art and each other…”  Becky Barnicoat, The Guardian

    Watch a video of the Rubble Stir exhibition at the Glue Factory.

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