Bigman Festival

  • Girls looking at exhibition
  • Dancing at the Bigman Festival
  • Girls looking at exhibition
  • Dancing at the Bigman Festival
  • Street theatre
    Music festival
    Fire performer
    Water walking on the canal
    Masquerade fun at the festival
    Music performance
    Bigman sculpture
    Street performer
    Dragon Boat RacingTeams participated in the hotly contested Dragon Boat Racing - great fun for participants and spectators!
    Canoeing on the canal
    Engaging with the communityLocal residents can find out all the latest development plans for their area as part of an extensive community consultation.
    Taking centre stageEveryone joins in the dance routine at Maryhill Locks!

    The Bigman Festival has been run over several years and is an event for the local community centered around the canal in North Glasgow.

    The day is a celebration of Glasgow, its canal and its people with the aim of getting the community to engage with the water and to learn about the latest plans for regeneration in the area.

    The name was devised from the exciting proposal to build a new 3-way canal bridge at Stockingfield Junction, which would re-connect the communities on the banks of the water. The concept for the bridge, which was designed by local sculptor Andy Scott, was termed the Bigman Bridge as 'big man' is a term closely associated with Glasgow.

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    The day usually involves a range of outdoor activities including:

    • opportunities to try canoeing and kayaking
    • enjoy boat trips along the canal
    • dance and live music performances
    • food and drink
    • and other activities like storytelling, street theatre, model boats, angling, exhibitions, arts & crafts.
    Bigman Bridge

    Bigman Bridge

    A striking landmark which will embody the spirit and resilience of Maryhill and the city...

    Things to do on the canal...

    Things to do on the canal...

    Places to visit and things to do are springing up along the canal, so make the most of what's on offer.

    Check out this footage of the Bigman Festival in 2010

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