Looking for some great ways to learn about the canal? Find excellent teaching resources here for learning outside the classroom.

Learning outdoors can be a great way to engage children in their work. And a canal makes a great classroom! We've developed great free resource for use in school, linked with Curriculum for Excellence.

Maryhill Canal Classroom

Resources include activities for using the canal in the classroom and as a classroom - history, maps, tours, site information and an image bank. Benefits include:

  • The use of a free resource, bursting with ideas and activities linked to the Curriculum for Excellence
  • Link with the Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor Learning
  • Learning in context, through first-hand experience
  • Access to an environment for fully inclusive physical activity
  • Strengthen the links between school and your local community
  • Encourage successful learning through a range of learning styles
  • Contribute towards creating responsible citizens
  • Cross-curricular activities can be used for a class or whole-school Canal project, or across many disciplines
Schoolchildren crossing canal lock gates

Download the Maryhill Canal Classroom, or view it online to check out all the activities and resources.

"The cross-curricular activities aim to stimulate students and provoke their curiosity and can be used by teachers as a springboard for their own ideas and activities"

Maryhill Canal Classroom

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