Walking & running along the Forth & Clyde Canal

Canal side walking

The Forth & Clyde canal provides the perfect setting for a relaxing stroll, an energetic walk, a jog and even long distance running. A walk or a run along any stretch of of the 35 mile towpath will allow you to appreciate the scenic beauty, abdundance of wildlife and the serenity of canal life while getting a healthy workout at the same time.

Safe routes

Take advantage of the well maintained paths and walk or cycle to work. A traffic-free, pollution-free alternative to commuting into Glasgow city centre.

Winter walking

Canal walking is easy to reach and enjoy throughout the winter if you prefer to stay off the hills in bad weather.

Dog walkers are welcome on the canal towpath but remember;

  • Please keep your dog under control.
  • Don't let your dog's lead obstruct other users
  • Clear up after your dog!

Why not download one of these PDFs and enjoy a walking tour around Glasgow's canal?

Top tips

  • Create a circular walking route
    The canals join up with many other walks throughout Scotland including the Great Glen Way. The Antonine Wall closely follows the line of the Forth & Clyde Canal and can be easily included in your walk.
  • Walk one way
    You can take a stroll along a section of the canal and then get the train or bus back.
  • Do you have a map?
    You will find maps on the website but we also have a comprehensive canal guide which can be found at any of our local offices. This provides maps of all Scotland's canals and useful tips for things to do.
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