Enjoying the Canal
What do you use the canal for?

Things to do...

... on and around the canal

Take to the canal for a breather in the centre of the city. The waterway provides a green haven for wildlife as well as a place for people to relax and keep fit - a green gym on your doorstep!

From cycling to fishing or even wildlife watching...the opportunities for enjoying outdoor activities on Glasgow's canal are endless. Find your perfect activity and make the most of the canal.

Get active

The canal provides active space to keep fit and is a popular route for runners, cyclists and walkers. Cycling or running and walking along a canal towpath can give you a completely different view on a place, even somewhere you know well. Enjoy well maintained paths and a traffic free atmosphere, an ideal location for a leisurely walk or as part of your exercise routine.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Glasgow's Canal is to become the place to kayak and canoe, right in the heart of the city. Exciting plans are developing for a Paddlesports Centre, providing access and facilities for paddling enthusiasts. The Urban Etive will provide an exciting canoe course, modelled on some of Scotland's most exciting wild water. These new exciting developments are sure to cement Glasgow's title as one of the top destinations for watersports in Scotland.

A place to be outdoors

Enjoy outdoor activities on Glasgow's canal. In the heart of the city, the canal provides a place to relax outside, to walk, to think, to run, to cycle. Whether living nearby, or visiting as a tourist, the canal provides an unexpected haven, a place to unwind.


Green corridors in the city help provide important habitats for wildlife, maintaining a green network across the country.

Groups of anglers fishing on Scotland's Canals

Top tips

  • Can I hire a bike anywhere on the canal?
    Bike hire is available at various locations along Scotland's canal network. To find the full list of businesses, visit our bike hire section.
  • Now some towpaths have been designated as national cycle routes, do cyclists have priority?
    No one group has priority on the towpath. We are delighted that the canal paths have been recognised as part of the national cycle route and this has allowed us to get funding for upgrading the surface. Cyclists should be aware of other canal users, especially where paths are narrow or line of sight is restricted.
  • Is there a speed limit?
    The standard speed for the towpath is 4mph. Remember that other people are using the towpath as well!
  • Do I need a permit?
    No, all you need is a bike!
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