The Canal Quarter

The changes around the canal are creating a vibrant city centre area, full of life and culture. Not a bland, impersonal "anytown", but a series of thriving communities; villages within the city, places where people live and work.

As the Forth and Clyde makes its way through the city we like to think of it as Glasgow's Canal. You can see clearly on the map the branch from the main canal which flows through Maryhill, Ruchill, Firhill, Westercommon and Hamiltonhill to Port Dundas. Regeneration around the canal has already brought marked change and our vision is that this new "Canal Quarter" should flourish.

From barrier to benefit

From barrier to benefit

So how can the canal itself contribute to this change? It has long been seen as a blight on the area, a barrier between communities, even a dangerous place. Now real change is taking place around the canal, creating a safe and enjoyable outdoor space, a positive resource which will help to breathe new life and health into local communities.

Making change

Making change

And it’s not just about the canal. While the waterway is the focus for change, local people and the places they live are right at the heart of regeneration. Making a Difference projects are transforming this area of Glasgow.

Communities and connections

Dusk on the canal

A mix of private and affordable housing is planned to provide options that are relevant for local people. Already projects are under way in the area.

Challenges and constraints

volunteers picking up litter along canal towpath

Overcoming the challenges faced by the local area to make the Canal a vibrant area to live, work and play.